Mike Teaches DanceTrance New Moves

To say that Tiffany Kelly knows her stuff is to understate the truth but that’s not what makes her stand out.  Tiffany genuinely loves teaching the DanceTrance classes and she invests herself in each of her participants.  Her group of attendees is her DanceTrance Family.  Tiffany cheers them on, inspires them and loves them all the way to their goals. She doesn’t stop there though. Tiffany invests herself in her Fredericksburg community by using her skills and her DanceTrance resources  to support numerous organizations in the area. Check out one of her super-charged, FUN classes and get in the best shape of your life in a highly energetic and thoroughly enjoyable manner.  (Just don’t tell her about your “dance moves that you’ve been working on in the basement;” Tiffany will be sure to ask you to show her what you can do.)

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